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Q: Has there ever been a missing person named Brandon Nicholas? In lake worth Florida? I found a drivers license, and some card on the bank of a lake all mucky. I didn't take them, but im worried theres something behind this? Im only 15, so please help me out :(
by Naomi
A: Call the police because there is an investigation going on in Florida with a guy with that name. Just take the id to the police station and where you found it. I did a Google search with that name and a few mug shots come up with that name. If the picture matches call the police station associated with the arrest. On of the guys with that name is associated with a murder in West Palm. Who knows?
A: the house is spotlessly clean and very well eqpiued. The location is idea fabulous views and very peacful yet only a short walk to the shops & pub. An ideal base for exploring the wider Sussex area.We hope to make our trip to Shoreham an annual eventThanks againThe Smith Family
by Gration
Q: I am her Mother Debra Scott.I have her 3 children and no one has herd a word since 6-4-12
by snub
Q: Is there an inordinate number of missing persons in this low populated county? Talk has it that 14-17 unsolved female disappearances have occurred over recent years.
by Hank
A: I am curious of the very same thing Hank. My cousin Tusa Gantt has been missing from Brevard County since 2000 and no trace of her anywhere. It amazes me that investigators have no clue or anything to go on.
by Marcus Sconiers
Q: my sister heather plunkett went missing in 2003 and she was presumed dead although her body has never been found. im from california and want answers can someone help my family?
by jasmine plunkett
A: hi i am sorry you are going thru this. it IS truly horrible. i too am having to experience this as my husband has been missing since Dec 21, 2010 Paul Mitchell Korbelak. He is also presumed dead but i myself cannot accept this as true since his body has not been found. i don't know how you or i make it thru a day. i suppose it is our will to find our loved ones one way or another. It definitely IS LOVE that keeps me going. That's the only thing I can guess. I never imagined the magnitude or scope of pain involved with the circumstances of having a missing loved one. It is unbearable!! Unimaginable pain!! There is nothing like NOT KNOWING!! After being on this site, I have a new respect for life, a new value for time with family & friends. You are all in my prayers. May all our missing loved ones find peace and find US!!
by Kelly Korbelak
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Robert George Soller
Dixie County

Judith Dunton Osteen
Dixie County
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