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Q: How many people go missing in Iola each year?
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Q: Who is missing in thayer
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Q: list of names from the 1980's
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Donald Ray Goodman
Shawnee County

Jennifer Dawn Lancaster
Shawnee County

James Gerety
Shawnee County
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Missing People in Topeka, KS News Headlines
Missing Woman Found By Kansas River, Was Stuck In Mud
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A woman reported missing Sunday night was found Monday morning along the Kansas River. The woman was located along the river near the 200 block of N Kansas. According to police she was stuck in the mud when they found her.
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April 23 2013
Missing Woman Found By Kansas River
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A woman reported missing Sunday night was found Monday morning along the Kansas River. The woman was located along the river near the 200 block of NW Kansas, according to police dispatch.
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April 16 2013
Question of 'why?' hangs over city's killings in 2012
The year began with Corey Brown, a 39-year-old Topeka entrepreneur, going missing Jan. 3. That same day a Cadillac that belonged to his friend and business partner, Monroe Lockhart III, was found burning.
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December 25 2012
Missing Child Found In Topeka
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- After several days of searching for a little boy taken from his Manhattan home by his mother, police revealed that the child was found at a home in Topeka.
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November 24 2012
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